Insurance Solutions

Direct Marketing Solutions
  • Integration with VAS(Value added services) platform for direct marketing of pre-underwritten insurance products
  • SMS and Mobile commerce
  • Social media applications
  • SEO and web enablement
Enterprise Solutions
  • CRM
  • Enterprice Mobile Solutions
  • E-commerce B2b and B2c solutions
  • Document management solutions
Grievance And Customer Care
  • Integration with IRDA's grievance management system(IGMS)

Experience explored
IGMS - Integrated Grievance Management System

Bussiness Case
  • IRDA has made it mandatory for all insurance companies to integrate their customer care/grievance system with IGMS to help users to register complaints and check its status
  • Implement the IGMS implementation as per IRDA's specifications of web services to mirror data between insurer database and IGMS system
  • Facilitate IRDA and Insurer to track details of lodged complaints along with their disposal status
  • Gateway for policy holders to register and track their grievances with Insurers and facility to escalate to IRDA
  • Grievance portal on the Insurer web site for users to register and log grievances.
  • Customer care portal for Insurers to view complaints and work on them.
  • Complaint data synchronization by implementing Web services.
  • Complaint work flow process from New complaint to final disposition.Allow manual escalation of complaints and it's resolution
  • Notification by email to policy holder and also to customer care person.
  • Manual upload of data in Excel format into IGMS and insurance providers customer care database.
  • Dashboard for policy holders.
  • Dashboard for insurance provider to view status wise complaints.
  • Excel report downloads for further analysis.