As we witness a shift toward patient-centric healthcare and personalized medicines, new opportunities emerge for life sciences companies. Companies also need to tackle rising R&D costs, dwindling new drug pipelines, patent expiries, fierce competition and stricter norms on patient safety that affect the bottom-line.
IT Services

With about a decade of experience in working with global life sciences and health care companies, Dhruv, your trusted partner , will help you in your transformation journey, through its people, platforms and products / services across the value chain

Our Solution

Dhruv offers innovative technology, business and outsourcing solutions for the following:

  • PLM Solutions and Optimized Operations (in developed and emerging markets)
  • Manufacturing Operations Management
  • Supply Chain Transformation Services
  • Strategic and Commercial Analytics Services
  • Information Technology (IT) and IS Services
  • New-age Business Solutions (SMAC):
      - Mobility
      - Social Media
      - Cloud Computing
      - Analytics

Business Values

  • Advance clinical trial efficiencies
  • Actualize end-to-end medical products
  • Increase manufacturing productivity
  • Enhance supply chain visibility
  • Improve operational efficiencies and reduce costs

A Case Study

Pacbio Case Study

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