Case Studies

Case Studies


Business Requirements
  • Track the job work related components delivered to subcontractors
  • Track the components during transit
  • Subcontractor should update the status of the components
Business Benefits
  • This solution helps in traceability of parts/lots delivered
  • Ease of tracking multiple subcontractors working on different activities
  • Prevention of component loss
  • Instantaneous indication to the subcontractors when the Product Owner dispatches raw materials for a new order
DCCPL Approach
  • A role based internet web portal to track the components delivered to subcontractors
  • Multiple screens are developed to be used by sub contractor to capture the different status and quantities at different levels of production
  • Data Provider library developed to interface to different types of databases (SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL)
  • Forms based authentication with encrypted passwords is provided to the application
  • Different types of graphical and data reports are generated to cater to the needs of the user
  • Microsoft .Net 3.5 platform with C#, Java script and JqQuery
  • IIS 5.0, IIS 6.0
  • Prevention of component loss
  • ISQL Server 2000, Oracle, MySQL


Business Requirements
  • Provide an industry standard web based user interface to one of the MES engine (Insite), APIs along with few other modules including reports
  • This UI need to be flexible to incorporate various business rules based on the custom configurations
Business Benefits
  • An industry standard UI was put in place and due to its flexibility the client was able to implement this UI with the engine at various sites in record time
  • Reduced the customization cost and maintenance cost because of the generic nature of the user interface
DCCPL Approach
  • A generic XML driven framework was designed powered by AJAX
  • A screen designer tool was developed for the end users so that the screens can be configured
  • Validation library was written and flexibility was given to add rules validations and custom functions to the framework
  • Active Directory driven security was provided to the application
  • AJAX ,Microsoft .Net platform with C#,,ASPX
  • Java script,VB Script, XML
  • Crystal Reports, SQL Reporting Services
  • IIS 5.0, IIS 6.0
  • SQL Server 2000, Oracle
  • Static Charts, Seagull Bartender
  • Load Runner, Win Runner
Customer Accolades

Able to successfully implement this solution at more than 7 factories across different customers.

CASE STUDY – Camstar Maintenance Module Implementation Solar PV Manufacturing Company

Business Requirements
  • Thin Films Solar manufacturing Company
  • Camstar solar suite is being used and wanted to roll out maintenance module for resource management
Business Benefits
  • Streamlining Preventive maintenance process, Equipment management and improved utilization
  • Maintenance completion related data used for analysis and improvement in the process
DCCPL Approach
  • A team from DCCPL got involved in helping the customer in translating the business requirement into specific requirements and modeling
  • Using Designer, customizations were done to match the customer needs
  • Using Camstar Web forms builder, custom user interfaces were developed for defining equipment PMs and completing PMs with data collection
  • Reports related to PMs and % PMs past due and other related reports were developed
  • Camstar Insite 4.3 with its modules like Designer, WFB etc
  • Microsoft .Net 3.5 with XML,AJAX
  • MS-SQL server 2008
Customer Accolades

Happy with how the things went so far. We will continue to use your services to roll out other modules.

CASE STUDY – MES Insite Support Hard Disk Drive Manufacturing Company

Business Requirements
  • Customer wanted DCCPL to handle most of the MES support activities including enhancements
  • DCCPL was supposed to get the knowledge from the existing support team and continue the support with no impact to the user community
Business Benefits
  • Consolidating the MES Support into one Vendor
  • Cost reduction
DCCPL Approach
  • DCCPL got involved in the KT process including the technical and process knowledge
  • DCCPL executed couple of enhancement projects along with the existing support team to make sure the transfer is complete
  • A dedicated team put in place for MES Support activity
  • Camstar Insite 3.4 with its modules like Designer and other custom interfaces
  • Microsoft .Net 1.1 with XML , Web Services and Windows Services
  • DB2
Customer Accolades

Dhruv's team executed the assignment with strong project management and technical skills and successfully provided us in MES operations support and applications development services. Great Results, On Time.

CASE STUDY – MES Camstar Implementation & Support Hi-tech Semiconductor Manufacturing Company

Business Requirements
  • World's leading manufacturers of high-resolution amorphous silicon (a-Si) sensor arrays wanted to implement MES to automate their manufacturing process
  • Camstar's Insite was selected as the MES Engine for which they wanted a user friendly user interface with various customizations to suit their manufacturing process
Business Benefits
  • Streamlining Manufacturing process with improvements in efficiency of the manufacturing plant in terms of yield, cycle time etc
  • Make use of the benefits from detailed tracking,traceability, genealogy, resource tracking , QDC, SPC etc
DCCPL Approach
  • A team from DCCPL got involved in helping the customer in translating the business requirement into MES/Insite specific requirements and modeling
  • Using Insite Designer, customizations were done to match the customer needs
  • IMES Framework was implemented as the base transaction user interface for the customer
  • A dedicated team was put in for after implementation support , maintenance and enhancement activities
  • Camstar Insite 4.1 with its modules like Designer, WFB, ODS etc
  • Microsoft .Net 2.0 with XML,AJAX
  • MS-SQL server 2005
  • Statit Software
Customer Accolades

DCCPL has provided us with an excellent support to our organization with new application development and support in the areas of manufacturing and yield applications. I have worked with DCCPL team from the past two years and they have been exceptional in understanding our requirements and turning them into real solutions. The team is dedicated and very dependable.

CASE STUDY – Extraction Utilities Semiconductor Manufacturing Company

Business Requirements
  • Customer had few legacy systems along with ERP where the critical data need to be updated from new MES and visa-versa
  • The utilities need to be configurable for data source, business rule and also scheduling the time of extraction
  • Customer wanted another utility to upload modeling data through batches into the system
  • Customer also wanted a resource to get involved in coordinating these activates with other teams
Business Benefits
  • Seamless movement of information (data) between legacy systems and the new MES with very minimal human intervention
  • Reduced the customization cost and maintenance cost because of the generic nature of the user interface
DCCPL Approach
  • A team of four got involved in this assignment with one person onsite for all the requirement analysis and co-ordination effort
  • Few .Net driven multi threaded windows services were built for extracting and processing the data from legacy and MES
  • Proper alerting logic was put into all the extraction utilities to intimate the respective personnel in case of issues
  • Using Insite client APIs batch loader utility was developed to upload custom modeling data into MES
  • .Net platform with C# , multi threaded windows services
  • Oracle Client APIs for connectivity
  • Oracle 9i
  • Windows Scheduler
Customer Accolades

Excellent Coordinated effort! Both TCM and GIVE extracts are running with no issues! Thank you!.

CASE STUDY – MES Camstar Upgrade (4.1 to 4.5) Hi-tech Semiconductor Manufacturing Company

Business Requirements
  • Camstar 4.1 needed to be upgraded to Camstar 4.5 to make use of newer features available
  • To keep up with the latest technology and with the related interfaces
Business Benefits
  • Implement new features of 4.5 including user defined data collection, maintenance module and container attributes
  • Make use of container and mfg object audit trails
DCCPL Approach
  • DCCPL team worked closely with Camstar support in upgrading the MDB from 4.1 to 4.5
  • DCCPL modified and upgraded the web forms from .net 2.0 to .net 3.5 (VS 2008)
  • Places where XML client was used, reference was changed to point to new .Net client and it's namespaces
  • Worked with the customer to build a test plan and execute the same
  • Camstar 4.1 to 4.5 with its modules like Designer, WFB , ODS etc
  • Microsoft .Net 2.0, 3.5
  • MS-SQL server 2005, 2008
  • Statit Software

CASE STUDY - Integrated Grievance Management System

Bussiness Case
  • IRDA has made it mandatory for all insurance companies to integrate their customer care/grievance system with IGMS to help users to register complaints and check its status
  • Implement the IGMS implementation as per IRDA's specifications of web services to mirror data between insurer database and IGMS system
  • Facilitate IRDA and Insurer to track details of lodged complaints along with their disposal status
  • Gateway for policy holders to register and track their grievances with Insurers and facility to escalate to IRDA
  • Grievance portal on the Insurer web site for users to register and log grievances.
  • Customer care portal for Insurers to view complaints and work on them.
  • Complaint data synchronization by implementing Web services.
  • Complaint work flow process from New complaint to final disposition.Allow manual escalation of complaints and it's resolution
  • Notification by email to policy holder and also to customer care person.
  • Manual upload of data in Excel format into IGMS and insurance providers customer care database.
  • Dashboard for policy holders.
  • Dashboard for insurance provider to view status wise complaints.
  • Excel report downloads for further analysis.