About BI Quickstart

Dhruv BI Quickstart Value to Customer:

  • Enhances decision-making, expedite COE team learning, and save costs for organizations.
  • Global-ready reports included as part of the global template.
  • Robust set of Operations reports
  • Shopfloor to Topfloor: Meaningful KPIs for operations and executives
  • Self service reporting through Data mart and Reporting Model’s

About BI Quickstart

Are you facing difficulties in managing your work-in-progress (WIP) efficiently? Do you face challenges in maintaining productivity and minimizing downtime?” Do you possess the required data and reporting for identifying and resolving production issues while ensuring consistent adherence to quality standards?


Report List

Listed here are a standard set of Power BI reports that are readily available which can be
customized based on customer requirements.

KPI Dashboard dots

WIP Aging dots

Resource Utilization dots

Yield Analysis dots

eDHR Reporting dots


dots WIP Summary

dots Container Starts

dots Throughput

dots Cycle Time Analysis

dots Equipment status

Supporting Documentations

Application User Guide

Provides detailed instructions on how to use BI Application.

Installation Document

Contains information about the Installation of BI Application.

Operational Qualification

Contains information about the Installation Qualification.

Technical Document

Provides technical information about BI Application.

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