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What is the Camstar Batch Loader ?

When you need to migrate MES Modeling related information from a legacy system to Camstar or if there is lot of new modeling information that need to be loaded into Camstar, it is not easy with the Modeler user interface or with the traditional tools. Sometimes your business users, could be tasked to migrate certain objects and workflows over or introduce a new process which usually has lot of related information like user codes, resources, operations, specs, e-procedures, data collections, workflows etc. The traditional import/export tool is meant to be an IT Tool and may not have the configurability that user business needs. Given our breadth and depth of experience in Camstar, and Modeling within Camstar, we challenged our internal camstar team and the .Net application development team to come up with a simple, elegant tool that business users could use with very little training. Some of the features we have in this tool are
  • Uses simple excel templates.
  • Supports custom fields, objects extensions seamlessly.
  • Create New, Update and Sync (New/Update) options are available.
  • Supports complex subentity lists, lists within lists.
  • Uses Camstar APIs so the changes are reflected in Mfg Audit Trail.
  • AD controlled security log in.
  • Detailed transaction logging.

What does the application look like?

The Application can be setup very easily by:
  1. Digitally signed web-based download
  2. Run the download on your local machine or a Windows Server
  3. No additional add-ons or components required
  4. Communicates with the Camstar Application server through XML Client.

Business users compile/extract the data in Excel and the Tool migrates it into a Camstar instance. Its that easy !

What do our Customers Say ?

One of our customers is a large life sciences/medical device company. They had the onerous task of migrating some very complex modeling objects across multiple instances along with creating new processes regularly. They had a very tight timeline and they had to migrate all the objects within 4 weeks along with following FDA regulations. The manual process would have taken them 10-12 weeks. Once they were able to verify the fidelity of the migrated data and they were happy with the results, they had a few of their business users/modelers migrate the modeling objects with ease.