Case Study #1: MES Upgradation for Medical Device Manufacturing Company

Case Study #1: MES Upgrade for Medical Device Company

Business Challege

  • Isolate workspace for extension.
  • Regulatory challenges – Ensure no impact to modeling and transactional audit trails


  • Metadata remediation — Separate workspace for OOB (#30) and custom extension (#200) in MDB
  • Transform data as per remediated metadata. Detailed validation and verification to ensure compliance requirements

Value Delivered by Dhruv

  • Use Designer Export Utility to identify workspace delta against Med device suite.
  • Manually change workspace for extensions
  • Use designer import utility to bring extension in the #200 workspace
  • For data transformation, create old and new instance id table.
  • Wrote a script to transform data in OLTP database
  • Ran detailed OQPQ script to meet compliance requirement

Some Place, USA


Medical Device Manufacturer

Partnership Period:

January 2015 – Present

Team Size:


Team Location

Offshore, Development Center

Expertise Delivered

.NET v4.0, SQL Server 2014, IIS 7