Case Study #1: MES Upgradation for Medical Device Manufacturing Company

Business Challenge

Isolate workspace for extension.
Regulatory challenges – Ensure no impact to modeling and transactional audit trails


Metadata remediation — Separate workspace for OOB (#30) and custom extension (#200) in MDB
Transform data as per remediated metadata. Detailed validation and verification to ensure compliance requirements

Value Delivered by Dhruv

Use Designer Export Utility to identify workspace delta against Med device suite.
Manually change workspace for extensions
Use designer import utility to bring extension in the #200 workspace
For data transformation, create old and new instance id table.
Wrote a script to transform data in OLTP database
Ran detailed OQPQ script to meet compliance requirement

Some Place, USA


Medical Device Manufacturer

Partnership Period:

January 2015 – Present

Team Size:


Team Location

Offshore, Development Center

Expertise Delivered

.NET v4.0, SQL Server 2014, IIS 7