Case Study #2: MES Implementation for Medical Device Company

Case Study #2: MES Implementation for Medical Device Company

Business Challeges

  • Tracking manufacturing subcontracting activities
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Manual exchange of information with ERP
  • Tool Integration


  • Implement MES system to comply for FDA standards
  • Import process critical data from subcontract into MES
  • Detailed Genealogy tracing in the new system to prevent any manual errors.
  • Integrate tool data into MES for binning

Value Delivered by Dhruv

  • Built solution design while identifying the CRs (Change requests.)
  • Camstar 6.13 Med Device Suite was used for the implementation.
  • CAMSTAR CIO was used for vendor data and tool data integration into MES.
  • Integrated CAMSTAR with SAP through Mulesoft integration layer to eliminate manual process.
  • Worked with the customer team in performing validations and verifications (regulatory requirement) activities for system changes.
  • Implementation of Non Conformance and Equipment Maintenance solution.

3 Factories – Wafer Fab, Reagent and Assembly.


DNA Sequencer Manufacturing

Partnership Period:

January 2015 – Present

Team Size:


Team Location

Offshore, Development Center

Expertise Delivered

MES Implementation


.NET v4.0, SQL Server 2014, IIS 7