Case Study #3: CAMSTAR Medical Suite implementation for Life Sciences

Case Study #3: CAMSTAR Medical Suite Life Science implementation

Business Challeges

  • No system driven traceability solution.
  • Unable to get DHR electronically.
  • Manual errors while handling devices during the manufacturing process.
  • Implement customer specific complex dispatching approach from ERP to MES.
  • Have a solution that is FDA approved.


  • Implement CAMSTAR platform at MFG facility.
  • Enable traceability, eDHR and eDMR.
  • Implement features like document attachment during split, differentiate creation and execution workflows, customized manufacturing calendar, etc.
  • Customized Interfaces to ERP for Item and Work Order .

Value Delivered by Dhruv

  • End to End Solution – Requirement analysis, solution design, development
    and implementation.
  • Built component design documents based on the requirements captured.
  • Extended the object model using designer to create compound services, customer specific fields and business rules.
  • Built custom portal UIs and altered OOB forms to meet the requirements.
  • Using CIO interfaces to ERP were built.
  • Worked with customer for system validation.
  • Implemented data uploader utility to move bulk modeling data.



Life Science

Partnership Period:

January 2015 – Present

Team Size:


Team Location

Offshore, Development Center

Expertise Delivered

MES Implementation – Life Science Suite


.NET v4.0, SQL Server 2014, IIS 7