Error Reprocessing Tool


Error Reprocessing Tool

Use ERT to log, view and reprocess failed messages between ERP, MES, and other local systems interacting with Opcenter Execution.

ERT serves as a bridge between systems to reprocess failed messages, ERT adds value to Shopfloor supervisors and IT administrators alike to streamline their work.


The ERT application allows the users to login using a local account or an LDAP account.

User Roles

The ERT Application follows a User Role Hierarchy, consisting of four User Roles. Only authorized users with “Super Admin” and “Admin roles” can log into the application and their level of access is determined by their assigned role.

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Explore the comprehensive dashboard that provides valuable insights for error handling. The dashboard includes an Error Counts section, Error Statistics represented through a Line Chart, Unprocessed Errors visualized in a Donut Chart, and a convenient display of the Top 5 Recent Errors.

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Experience efficient error handling on ERT by a user-friendly interface that showcases Unprocessed Errors, giving you the power to view, filter, and effortlessly trigger the reprocessing process for single or multiple errors.

Features of Error Reprocessing Tool

Re-process – Allows the user to re-process the error based on destination adapter type.

Archive – Allows the user to archive errors based on various filters.

Unarchive – To restore the error back to the error staging table.

Purge – Allows the user to delete selected errors and these errors cannot be regressed.

The windows service layer facilitates the various settings like auto archiveauto purge and sending email notifications to all eligible recipients.


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