Automotive Industry Solutions

Manufacturing Execution for Complex Assembly and Job-shop Environments

Discrete Manufacturing is often characterized by limited volume and very high in complexity. New markets, new materials, and new technologies require a sustained increase in plant-efficiency and productivity as well as extreme flexibility in all manufacturing processes. Critical for these industries is the ability to improve production quality and time-to-market speed while cutting costs.

We work with automobile manufacturing organizations to digitize plant operations and adopt Industry 4.0 technologies, establishing integrated and future ready smart factories by combining next generation manufacturing operations management platforms with emerging technologies like IIoT, cloud and edge computing, AI, process automation, mobile solutions, and big data and analytics.

Automotive Technology Solutions for Digital Transformation

We’re here to help you leverage the automation, AI, IoT, cognitive computing and all the benefits that come with Industry 4.0.

Manufacturing Execution Systems

Maximize profitability, flexibility, quality, and compliance in manufacturing by digitally managing the rules and information for all operational activities and plant events in real-time.

Industrial IOT (IIoT)

Our IoT solutions for industrial equipment help you establish IoT connectivity across your business and analyze factory floor and equipment data in real time.

Error-proof Production

We collect & consolidates information technology with operational technology from your existing equipment and systems, enabling you to make data-driven decisions and automate almost everything.

Vehicle Data Analytics

Enhance in-car (or inside any vehicle) experiences with sensor and system data from connected cars creates a complete view of product operations and behaviour. This end-to-end visibility can provide quality control at each point in the product lifecycle.
We are the #1 Opcenter MES Service Provider in Asia Pacific

of manufacturers will innovate their service execution by implementing AI in automated decision-making and self-healing assets by 2022.

Our Key Offerings

Data Collection & Acquisition

Siemens data collection and acquisition capabilities enable you to obtain operational production data that is associated with production equipment and processes.

Dispatching Production

Proper sequencing of manufacturing operations and WIP driven by intuitive task management makes it easy for operators to perform the right job at the right time.
Data Analytics for Electronics Manufacturing

Data Analytics

Providing PCB manufacturing executives, line managers, and manufacturing engineers with crucial information needed to deliver quality products on time.
Electronics Shop-Floor Data Acquisition & Normalization

Electronics Shop-Floor Data Acquisition & Normalization

Opcenter Execution Electronics IoT enables manufacturing insights by providing access to data from all machines and processes on the shop-floor. It maximizes data flow efficiency through automatic neutralization of all acquired data from the shop-floor.

Document Control

Our Digital Industries Software document control solution provides the ability to control records and forms that are maintained with the production unit.
Material Management for PCB Assembly

Material Management for PCB Assembly

Track resource usage based on elapsed and usage time and production quantities and, based on predefined limits, ensure that production does not outpace maintenance requirements. Also provides visibility into resource issues and a detailed history of all activities for determining true performance values for equipment.
Production Scheduling for PCB Assembly

Production Scheduling for PCB Assembly

Dramatically improve your manufacturing efficiency with realistic work-order scheduling that reflects your real-time factory capacity.

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