Error Reprocessing Tool

Choose ERT: ensured data integrity across enterprise systems

The ERT is a game-changing solution designed to reprocess failed messages in Opcenter MES. This tool effortlessly manages automated troubleshooting to resolve integration issues, and seamlessly monitor shopfloor tasks.


Advanced features for precision and control

Advanced features for precision and control


Allows reprocessing of errors based on the destination adapter type.


Delete selected errors which then cannot be reversed.


Allows archiving of errors based on various filters.

Windows service layer

Facilitates various settings like auto-archive, auto-purge, and sending email notifications.


Allows restoring of errors if necessary to the error staging table.

Key Benefits

Trusted by organizations, implemented by experts

A user-friendly and reliable tool to effectively manage integration error messages.

Effortless integration

Log, view and reprocess failed messages between multiple systems

Bridge between systems

ERT acts as a connection within systems to reprocess failed messages.

Streamline operations

Assists shop floor and IT administrators in streamlining their work.

How it Works

Navigating the ERT workflow

Enable seamless workflow to streamline easy processes for enhanced operational efficiency.


Capture failed interface messages between MES Opcenter and ERP.


View errors and identify trends for failed messages on the dashboard.


Analyze root causes of errors and fix them at their source.


Reprocess failed messages individually or in bulk with a single click.

Bid farewell to integration errors with Dhruv's ERT: where automation meets accuracy in message reprocessing

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Supporting documents

Error Reprocessing Tool Data Sheet
Error Reprocessing Tool Brochure

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