Opcenter APS

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Join the community of manufacturers who trust Opcenter APS for smarter and faster production planning and scheduling.


Opcenter APS:
Your partner in manufacturing innovation

Opcenter APS:
Your partner in manufacturing innovation

Supply chain management

Data-driven decision-making to predict supply chain scenarios and provides a platform for stakeholders looking to collaborate on supply control.

Manufacturing operations management

The APS Opcenter supports and is compatible with a range of integrations across the MOM portfolio.

Modern interface

Adopt the latest Siemens digital industries software which is entirely customizable as per user requirements for an elevated experience on the platform.

Secondary constraints flexibility

Enhance efficiency with primary and secondary resource management, including labor, shift changes and off-shift periods for comprehensive scheduling.

Opcenter APS anywhere

Publish and view scheduling statistics through this browser-based companion product to Opcenter scheduling across all facilities.

Key Benefits

Strategic manufacturing efficiency with Opcenter APS

Experience boosted cost efficiency, productivity, and faster market delivery with our advanced planning solutions.

Predictive operations

Meet production with predictive analytics for stock levels and material utilization, ensuring operational flexibility.

Customer support

Swiftly manage customer requests, balancing and prioritizing production planning tasks efficiently.

Cost efficiency

Control costs through predictive planning, understanding the production changes' impact on expenditure.

Increased productivity

Boost production chain efficiency with optimized resource use and real-time issue visibility on the process.

Faster time-to-market

Enhance manufacturing speed and production quality with synchronized manufacturing schedules.

Optimized material management

Predict and mitigate supply chain issues, reducing waste and overproduction during manufacturing.

Customizable planning

Increase manufacturing synchronization with a customizable planning solution to improve business efficiency.

How It works

The process into making manufacturing smarter

Explore how Opcenter APS simplifies complex production challenges, offering a clear path to increased efficiency and faster market delivery.


Execute a simple installation of the Opcenter APS as a standalone application.


Define production constraints with APS configuration for an optimized sequence of operations.


Easily integrate data from enterprise systems with ERP and MES.


Effortlessly generate detailed data reports on various production schedules.

Be part of the circle of innovators who trust Opcenter APS to elevate their manufacturing process, blending cutting-edge technology with seamless efficiency.

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Supporting documents

Opcenter APS Data Sheet
Advanced Planning and Scheduling

Product dashboard

Data Maintenance

APS - Overview Window or Scheduling Board

Case Studies

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