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About Dhruv

Innovation at scale:
Dhruv's technological journey

Starting in 2005, Dhruv was founded by passionate visionaries Sunil Naik, Sudheer Subramanya, and Anil ME. Today it has grown into a global force in digital transformation, a powerhouse entity serving billion-dollar companies worldwide with cost-effective and innovative solutions.

Our Journey

Milestones of innovation and acceleration:

The Dhruv journey


The beginning

Founded by Sunil Naik, Sudheer Subramanya, Anil ME with the idea of setting up a software services company focusing on providing MES solutions for global manufacturing companies.

Starting strong

We landed our first client from the semiconductor industry. We aimed to provide cost-effective and efficient teams providing support from India to companies worldwide.


Moving upwards

We acquired 4 global manufacturing clients and began our climb upward toward making Dhruv a symbol of excellence and expertise.

Expanding our expertise

We began our foray into providing services for the IT industry, gaining clients from the financial and insurance sectors.


Going global

Our presence began to emerge as a leader in the field, and we grew in numbers and locations to match our growth. We opened offices in California, USA and Singapore to effectively cater to our international clients from the USA, Ireland, China, The Middle East, and Japan.

Making partnerships

Our constant growth meant we could join hands with big-league service providers - we officially became Camstar Partners for MES solutions.


Conquering industries

Our services and expertise are spread across multiple countries and industries, boasting of clients in Healthcare, Manufacturing, Medical Devices, Semiconductors, Electronics, Finance, Insurance, Legal, Public Sectors, and Nonprofits.

Success in numbers

Our projects began to add to our success stories, and we effectively provided our top solutions to over 50+ clients across 100+ projects.


Gaining momentum

As our business began to grow, we expanded our operations to accommodate our clients’ requirements. From starting a delivery center in Mysore to opening up an office in Malaysia, our team strength grew to 200+ employees worldwide.

Continued expansion

Staying in tune with our growing business, we expanded our operations further in the APAC region, effectively running operations and services in Cloud, BI and, more for 50+ clients and 200+ projects.


New horizons

We achieved a premier partnership with Siemens, providing implementation services for Opcenter/Camstar, APS, Mendix, and many more solutions.

Reaching for more

Our company expanded its presence in North America, gaining newer and more capable team members to join hands with us in our effort to achieve our collective goals. We hired key team players and industry experts who would take Dhruv further.


The big picture

Dhruv was established as a premier digital transformation and consulting company. Stepping into newer and modern fields like Automation, AI, ML, and Strategic Consulting.

Accelerated advancements

We gained partnership with Inductive Automation and expanded our operations in Europe, opening up offices in The Netherlands and a development center in Latvia.

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  • 2020
  • 2023
Our Work Ethos


To pioneer a future where seamless digital transformation empowers businesses worldwide, fostering innovation, efficiency, and sustainable growth.


We revolutionize businesses through comprehensive digital transformation solutions and leverage cutting-edge technologies and strategic insights to optimize processes, enhance customer experiences, and drive tangible value for our clients. We are committed to excellence and collaboration to unlock a more connected tomorrow.

Core Values

Trust | Integrity | Responsibility | Excellence | Collaboration

Tribute to our Founder

Sudheer Subramanya:

The Heart of Dhruv's Innovation

Sudheer Subramanya's legacy at Dhruv is a testament to his passion and brilliance. His journey from transformative projects like "Live Connect" to fostering client relationships has been a cornerstone of Dhruv's success, leaving behind a legacy of inspiration and dedication.

Our team

Meet our team of passionate
digital innovators

Celebrating 250+ team members whose dedication, collaboration, and customer focus make our shared vision to focus and strive for excellence a reality.

Sunil Naik

Co-founder and CEO

Anil ME

Director & Co-founder

Senthil Krishnamoorthy

Executive Director

John Dzelme

VP, Operations

Our Initiatives

Empowering communities: our Corporate Social Responsibility journey

At Dhruv, we believe in giving back, with numerous CSR efforts that support environmental sustainability, community development, and social responsibility, fostering positive change.


Dhruv believes healthcare is a fundamental human right and that everyone deserves quality healthcare. Our initiatives are designed to foster this commitment to creating an equitable world for all.

  • Organization of medical camps and providing free health check-ups and essential medicines to communities.
  • Collaborating with local clinics and hospitals to extend services to vulnerable communities.
  • Investing in improving local hospital and clinic infrastructure in marginalized communities.


We are driven by the message that education is for everyone, and by giving children the opportunity to learn and grow, we are building a better future for us all.

  • We offer scholarships to students from lower-income families, covering tuition, supplies, and other expenses.
  • We help rebuild schools with initiatives like the renovation of school infrastructure to build a safer learning environment.


We, as a business, hold ourselves accountable and believe it is our responsibility to minimize the environmental impact through initiatives that strive to protect and promote sustainability.

  • Environmental conservation projects
  • Waste management and recycling programs
  • Ecosystem restoration initiatives

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