BI Quickstart

Use our BI Quickstart and get manufacturing intelligence instantly

The BI Quickstart is an out-of-box plugin that immediately provides you with end-to-end visibility into your shop floor operations; helping accelerate data-driven decision-making and improve operational efficiencies to drive business potential.


Unlock BI potential with key features

Unlock BI potential with key features

KPI dashboard

KPI reporting with filters to supervise factory production data, total time required for production, etc.

Yield analysis

View and manage data on yield trends and easy access to loss reports.

Self-service reporting

Access, control and build reports and dashboards best suited to your requirements.

Resource utilization

Measure resource utilization and plan how to use resources more effectively.

Cycle time analysis

View data and cycle time analysis reports based on operations, product name and workflow.

Work in progress

Measure and track project cost, production completion date and staff productivity.

Throughput analysis report

Filter reports by operations, products and/or workflow

Key Benefits

Why choose Dhruv BI Accelerator

Access customized and cutting-edge solutions delivered by experts

Time to value

Accelerate decision-making with speedy insights into your MES data.


Improve your operational efficiency with our accelerator solution.

Standard model

Get industry-standard reporting data models with WIP, Quality and performance KPIs.

How It works

Decoding the process

Leverage and optimize data insights with Power BI reporting for enhanced manufacturing intelligence.


Connect MES BI accelerator database to your MES operational datastore.


Data flows are based on scheduled jobs that run hourly/daily/weekly.


Data is stored in the MES data model in the facts and dimensions tables.


Analyze and report manufacturing shop floor performance with Power BI reports.

Empower your decision-making with Dhruv BI QuickStart to help accelerate time to value.

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Supporting documents

MES BI Quick Start Data Sheet
MES BI Quick Start Brochure

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Product dashboard

Factory KPI Reporting

Loss Quantity Trend

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