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Our team attended Siemens #Realizelive conference in Germany’ 2023


Great discussions with Siemens team at Realizelive, Germany.

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Our expertise in modern manufacturing execution technologies helps printed circuit board (PCB) and boxbuild manufacturers to change and reconfigure production and quality processes at the speed required, while meeting increased customer demand, strict quality requirements and profitability constraints.
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Medical Devices

We have extensive experience in implementing Manufacturing Execution Systems for Paperless manufacturing for Medical Device manufacturing companies. Managing compliance requirements and validation OP/OQ processes. Resulting in benefits from improved Quality, Product and Process Traceability.
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Manufacturing Execution System for Semiconductor that is designed for frontend and backend semiconductor manufacturing operations, offering a high level of out-of-the-box industry functionality, the highest level of configurability and complete interoperability with other business systems.
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Fostering innovations for world’s leading OEMs & suppliers to harness the power of digital technology solutions with ML & AI. A successful transformation is enabled by Dhruv's advanced automotive technology, experience and expertise.
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Complete solutions from patient engagement to providing insights on risk profile of a patient resulting in better care and cost savings and digitally transforming to a Value-driven health care through Digital Reimagination.
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Providing solutions and services on Insurance Frontend portals, Claims Management and Core systems like Polisy Group ASEA. Policy administration, Sales enablement solutions, regulatory compliance solutions are some of the areas of our services.
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Our Service Offerings


MES Implementation

Manufacturing Execution Systems / Manufacturing Operations Management (MES/MOM) is critical for Digital Transformation. We have more than a decade of experience in providing design, implementation and go-live support to our global customers. Join us on a digital transformation journey to make the future of manufacturing possible.
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APS Implementation

Advanced Planning Software is an interactive, multi-constraint scheduling system that provides support for decision-making for overtime, order prioritization, production batches, due date negotiation and order processing. Our team of experts in Siemens Preactor APS tool can help realize your APS needs as part of digital transformation journey.
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IIoT Solutions

Our IIoT solutions make smart machines smarter, factories more efficient, production lines more flexible & productivity higher. Our solution is designed around modular and reusable components, physical data sources, API's, built with security in mind and multiple deployment options. Bridge the OT/IT divide with tools that enable rapid prototyping through to production.
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Manufacturing Intelligence

We can effectively measure, analyze and improve manufacturing process with the help of our Manufacturing Intelligence solution. Some of the key indicators are Improving quality, OEE, reducing Inventory and equipment downtime. Our experience with AI and Machine learning are helping companies with predictive analytics improving the overall performance on the plant floor.
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Digital Transformation

Our well-defined digital strategies from our experts enables organizations for adoption of data and digital solutions for business activities and processes which engages people with digital workflows to promote the full advantage of technology investments across an organization. The expected outcomes are cultural change and the adoption of re-imagined processes.
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Cloud Solutions

We offer a comprehensive end-to-end quality cloud service using AWS, Azure, GCP, OpenStack or on-premise datacenters for your workloads by taking full responsibility including consulting. We help you monitor web and cloud applications, infrastructure, networks, application and micro-services, API gateways, IoT gateways, containers and other cloud native services.
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