Factory Automation – Auto validate Materials, Tool, Assign of Carriers to ICs during Start Process

Automation framework for a OSAT to execute to shop floor transaction Process Equipments



  • Manual validation for material, tool and assigning of carrier which may lead human error.
  • No proper master data to maintain master product information
  • Manual marking of defected ICs in a strip which consume more time and human error


  • The automation system to integrate sensors, controls, and actuators designed to perform a function with minimal or no human intervention
  • Automated validation of carriers to validate carriers in use, carriers in maintenance and to assign only predefined carriers.
  • Automated system to read and mark the ICs BIN code.


  • Developed a satellite application START and END Process,
  • START PROCESS is used to validate Material Part, Tool Part#, Equipment, Recipe and valid carrier. After process is started, API signal is sent to SAP ERP to indicate the begin process
  • END PROCESS is used as soon as the process is completed. END PROCESS will send API signal to SAP ERP to indicate that the process is completed in a current operation
  • Window service to check the new strip files to mark the BIN codes and convert to 4 digit which is readable by AOI equipment.
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