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Our BI services help organizations optimize their capabilities to leverage various types of data and make it into something the business can use to make better and more informed choices. We work closely with clients to assess their goals and challenges to ensure we deliver the most appropriate solution to meet their needs and provide a competitive advantage.

Opcenter Execution Electronics integrates the Siemens Digital Industries Software portfolio and expands the digital thread throughout the entire design to manufacturing flow. Electronics manufacturers can change and reconfigure manufacturing and quality processes at the speed required to meet increased customer demand and quality requirements. Electronics manufacturers are realizing faster NPI and time to market, while improving their ability to compete in a rapidly changing, consumer-driven marketplace.

Data-driven Solutions for Unstoppable Growth

Our robust analysis arms you with all you need to make better decisions for optimal user experiences and revenue-boosting digital transformation.

Overarching data warehousing

Take full advantage of your historical and real-time data by integrating it in a warehouse, a single persistent data storage. We follow best practices around ETL, EAI, and EII to simplify access to data scattered across multiple environments, including ERP software, IoT, social media, and more.

Comprehensive Data Virtualization

Create a single virtual data layer to retrieve and manipulate data in real time without requiring its technical details. Data virtualization allows getting analytics into production faster, which significantly improves business agility without disrupting operations.

Seamless Data Synchronization

Ensure data consistency across applications by synchronizing it at system, file, and record levels. Intelligently manage updates scheduling and frequency as well as access control so that all properly authorized employees could easily access the most up-to-date data.

Proactive Data Governance

Our business intelligence integration experts perform a series of data governance procedures to make your data consistent, complete, accurate, usabale, and secure. We are also responsible for establishing a set of policies and procedures that determine how data should be stored, handled, archived, and backed up.

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