Factory site level OEE summary

Site level Summary OEE for a semiconductor manufacturing customer

BI Manufacturing Intelligence


  • Gathering data from each site
  • Dealing with different type and format of production data from different site (each site has their own way of storing production data into different data source)
  • Calculating a harmonized OEE for all sites
  • Dealing with the different time zone of different site


  • To provide information regarding each site level OEE summary
  • Provide tool availability, efficiency based on target and calculate overall equipment efficiency from it.
  • Multiple access level for users.
  • Harmozied OEE picture per Site per tool
  • Uses E10 as base for time recording
  • Defines efficiency loss on time basis
  • Defines with this efficiency losses Overall Equipment Efficiency
  • Applicable for Complex equipment (Cluster tools)


  • Used data virtualization for combining data from various sources.
  • Calculating the tool availability, efficiency and overall efficiency so that the reports can fetch calculated values to show in the dashboard
  • Calculation based on GMT date per each site, as timezone and data is different for each site.
  • Compare data with the target from Business user to calculate OEE percentage, which says what is the site's over all efficiency.
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