Data Virtualization Implementation Data Integration in Manufacturing

Manufacturing operations data virtualization solution for a semiconductor manufacturing customer.

Manufacturing Intelligence


  • To create a single source of truth for all types of reporting needs.
  • Standardize data access across the entire organization for all types of application and reporting needs.


  • Foundation for one truth of source
  • Need a common data view for both factories
  • On-going Report Development
  • Changes in rules or definitions
  • Management of new products


  • Implemented TIBCO’s Data Virtualization platform - Logical Data Access layer which is a One Logical Place to Go for Data
  • Report users have one business view of the data.
  • Provided APIs, Views for downstream applications and reporting.
  • Metadata model defines models and rules, Reference Data for classification and Master Data for Product, Suppliers etc.,
  • Data provisioning - Converge data for multiple factories using Data Virtualization.
  • Provided Manufacturing operations datamart for multiple factories in a very short span of time.
  • Providing KTLO support for the customer and have built a Center of Excellence around TIBCO DV.
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