Microsegmentation in Kubernetes

Customer is running huge number of microservices on EKS cluster.



  • Customer is running huge number of microservices on EKS cluster.
  • A security breach in one service could expose your entire EKS cluster.


  • Traditional network security often relies on firewalls to control traffic at the edge of a network. However, in a dynamic environment like Kubernetes with microservices, this approach becomes cumbersome and ineffective. Microsegmentation offers a more granular security solution specifically for containerized workloads.
  • Implemented microsegmentation using Cilium to create security zones within your Kubernetes cluster. This isolates traffic between services, limiting the impact of a breach.


  • Reduced blast radius: A breach is contained to the compromised microservice.
  • Enhanced security: Follows zero-trust principles by restricting unnecessary communication.
  • Improved compliance: Easier to meet security regulations by isolating sensitive data.
  • Result: A more secure and compliant Kubernetes environment for your microservices.
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