Semi suite Solution Rollout for Wafer FAB

Global Disk Manufacturer who wanted Camstar MES Solution to be rolled out across factories

MES Semiconductor


  • Multiple factories MES implementation for 4000 users.
  • Business Process Standardization across plants.
  • Enterprise level WIP and related information visibility
  • Maintenance of Legacy applications
  • Reporting technology and its standardization


  • Implement one MES platform across factories.Consolidation of functionalities under one MES system.
  • Consolidation of functionalities under one MES system.
  • Visibility of the Shop floor activities at enterprise level across factories.
  • Device a common solution for reporting based on Data Virtualization.
  • Continue to support the legacy applications till new solutions are rolled out.


  • Dhruv consulting team worked with manufacturing setups of the customer to capture the process details and requirements.
  • Based on type of manufacturing products/ process factories are grouped for core solutions.
  • Dhruv built solution design for grouped factories with core solutions for each group with minimum localization.
  • Camstar 7.X Semi suite with High Performance Engine(HPE) was used in the implementation .
  • Reporting solution was built using Data Virtualization using Tibco Data virtualization tool.
  • BI Dash boards and reports are built using TIBCO Spotfire.
  • Automation layer is built to interface equipment with MES
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