Manufacturing Intelligence

Connect, Organize and Aggregate Your Manufacturing Data

Manufacturing Intelligence integrates, connects and unifies data sources such as Manufacturing Execution System (MES), Quality Management System (QMS), Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS), Enterprise Resource Management (ERP) and others into one accessible analytical data model providing capabilities to explore and drill down into contextualized data.

Our Manufacturing Intelligence is used at the plant level to improve collaboration and data exchange between the shop floor and enterprise systems, and/or at the enterprise level to benchmark and compare production runs or predict various plant operations. As data from different sources are combined, they can be put into a new context and provide users with a different and more complete perspective of manufacturing operations regardless of where the data originated.

Our Solutions

Our manufacturing intelligence supports a wide range of technology platforms, and is multiplied by huge functional capabilities.

Data Analytics

Our solution is designed specifically for manufacturing and assembly lines, providing manufacturing executives, line managers, and manufacturing engineers with crucial information needed to deliver quality products on time.

Data Exposition

Data exposition of manufacturing intelligence can be emphasized through its context-driven data navigation and openness in selection of the visualization tool.

Data Management

Manufacturing Data Warehouse (MDW) in our solution represents the physical implementation of the Manufacturing Analytical Model (MAM) based on ISA-95 International industry standard.

Engineering / Configuration

Our tremendous engineering capabilities of Manufacturing Intelligence (MI) cover nearly every need to prepare manufacturing data for analysis. Once our solution is configured, it is easy deployable on multiple physical systems.
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of manufacturers will innovate their service execution by implementing AI in automated decision-making and self-healing assets by 2022.

Our Key Offerings

Connect, Organize and Aggregate Manufacturing Data from Disparate Company Sources into Cohesive, Intelligent and Contextualized Information.

Data segregation

We do data segregation at every level of data stream for access and visibility restrictions and to run on a distinct IT environment with purpose of remotely provisioning scalable and measured IT resources.

Flexible Data Models

We create Multi-dimensional analytical model, which is easily extendable with additional entities and attributes. It enables users to create powerful, business focused queries that easily return consistent analysis and drill-down without any IT involvement.

IoT Data Contextualization

We analyze and automate data pipelines of IoT data in order to break down the efficiency analyses of production operations to the IoT level or simply to contextualize the IoT time series data.

Data Sources Virtualization

We connect and manage all data sources in the MOM portfolio to interact with data sources of other third-party systems based on OLEDB/ODBC technology and offers a unique base for any production related data analytics.

Near-real-time Data transfer (CDC)

Our Change Data Capture (CDC) allows a near-real-time data upload for carefree analysis on near-real-time manufacturing operations management data and without impacting the production environment.

Standardized Data Model

We create data models of manufacturing ISA-95 standards. As a single point of data integration, it harmonizes data between plant and enterprise levels allowing data analyses and visualizations without IT involvement.

Success Stories

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